About Agrifera

Agrifera is a combination of the word Agriculture and Sphere (sfera in Bahasa Melayu), which explained our consultation, strategy, branding and operational focuses. We centring our existence and professional knowledge in improving the livelihood of the communities through agricultural developments while strategically factor in the social and environmental influences in life. 

The agriculture industry is one of the critical industry that supports human survival since the early existence of human. It is the industry that gathers and channels energy into our life. Meanwhile, social and environmental factors are influencing every aspect of our life. Thus, we set up Agrifera to create agent-of-change, to improve livelihood through critical industries and ensuring sustainability in social and environmental factors.

We believe in creating sustainable biosphere with close collaboration among communities and industries. Thus, we collaborate with professional, strategize social and environmental factors, and establishing medium that supports long-term networking of communities and industries, to achieve our main objective of assisting the community, our country and the world to develop sustainably, one step at a time. 


Mobilize communities toward better livelihood, humanity and sustainability.


Improving livelihood, demonstrating humanity and ensuring sustainability through influencing social lifestyle, redefining livelihood improvement programs, amplifying environmental education and reducing development impact.

Core Values

  • Improve livelihood to close the gaps in social-economy.
  • Demonstrate humanity in all actions.
  • Respect everyone and everything around us.
  • Practice and deliver the concept of sustainability to communities and industries

Our Team

Dato’ Sri Dr. Mushrifah Idris

Chief Executive

Dr. Douglas Law

Chief Technology

Loh Chee Keat

Chief Operation

Strategic Partners